7.8 Siren Light Adaptor (Model SF-4)
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Introduction & Fitting


This light adaptor plugs into a standard bayonet light fitting on either an overhead light  or a lamp. When fitted, the light can be used as normal but can be set to it’s automatic mode by simply flicking the switch (as shown in “Operation” notes).  In this mode it will switch the light bulb on automatically for 45 minutes, and sound its in-built siren for 30 seconds if it hears a noise.   


NB: Can NOT be used with the following:

a.     Fluorescent lights

b.     Lights with a screw fitting

c.     Candle bulbs

d.     45mm Round Bulbs

e.     Lights controlled by a dimmer switch


Choosing the right light:

The adaptor will only work when it’s suitably dark. It works by monitoring the surrounding light levels and switching to the automatic mode (the mode where it listens for noise) when the light level